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Hour 1 – 04/28/20: Tyler O’Neil

Before the lock-down, Eric interviewed Tyler O’Neil in the studio about his fiery new expose, “Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

Hour 2 – 04/27/20: John Zmirak and Michael Farris

John Zmirak continues his discussion of hot topics from; then, Michael Farris, president of the Alliance Defending Freedom, talks about what’s being done legally to combat Harvard’s war on homeschooling.

Hour 1 – 04/27/20: John Zmirak

John Zmirak makes another important bunker visit to talk about Harvard vs. homeschooling — the upcoming conference designed to eventually make homeschooling a no-no nationwide.

Hour 2 – 04/24/20: Candace Owens (continued)

Candace Owens continues her bunker conversation with Eric, discussing ideas from her new book, “Blackout,” and the movement that she founded known as BLEXIT; then, Michael L. Brown talks about Job’s faith to challenge God.

Hour 1 – 04/24/20: Candace Owens

Candace Owens makes her first bunker appearance and talks about her role in the film, “No Safe Spaces,” as well as the current state of America under lock-down — and its future after “reopening for business.”

Hour 1 – 04/16/20: John Zmirak

John Zmirak makes his weekly trip into the bunker to cover the latest Covid-19 madness — Is the revolt against stay-at-home directives in Michigan going to spread like a virus?

Hour 1 – 04/08/20: John Zmirak

Colin Smith talks about his Good Friday special presentation; then, John Zmirak hops back into the bunker with Eric to dissect the effects of the quarantine and loss of freedom during this current Easter season.

Hour 1 – 04/01/20: John Zmirak

Eric and Chris remember a crazy April Fool’s Day radio prank from years back; then, John Zmirak drops into the bunker to take a look at the response by New York’s Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to the Coronavirus.

Hour 1 – 03/26/20: John Zmirak

John Zmirak is back in the bunker to talk about the Coronavirus — is it “nature’s revenge”? And, have we been “hoaxed” by the media when it comes to what they allow and don’t allow to be “newsworthy”?

Hour 2 – 03/20/20: John Zmirak

The “bunker interviews” continue with John Zmirak going deeper into the political ramifications of the Corona virus and what the future holds for the upcoming presidential election.

Hour 1 – 03/20/20: Dr. Marty Makary and John Zmirak

Via internet hookup, Dr. Marty Makary joins the show to keep us up-to-date on Corona-virus developments; then, John Zmirak from takes a look at the political side of this whole viral mess.

Hour 1 – 03/13/20: Matt Walsh

Big-time blogger and podcaster Matt Walsh pulls no punches when he discusses his book, “Church of Cowards,” taking on what he believes is the ineffectiveness of many who should be in the forefront of cultural influence.

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