Hour 2 – 07/23/21: Pat Boone (continued)

The great Pat Boone continues his conversation and gives a picture of where America is now using an examination of several key chapters in the Bible.

Hour 1 – 07/23/21: Pat Boone

Legendary singer and actor Pat Boone returns to the program and provides a reason why he was never inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; also, Pat talks about Bing Crosby and his R&B connections.

Hour 2 – 07/22/21: John Zmirak

John Zmirak from Stream.org makes his weekly pilgrimage to the program to cover his latest in-your-face articles, including a look at the dustup over a porn star at the big conservative Turning Point event.

Hour 1 – 07/22/21: Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf has an update from her travels around the country warning of continued governmental overreach, and Big Tech deplatforming; plus, reports on the story of Dr. Fauci lying about gain-of-function research.

Hour 2 – 07/21/21: Doug Hershey

Doug Hershey is in the studio sharing his newest book of photos and history, “Jerusalem Rising,” that is both educational and fascinating, illustrating a wide scope of Israel’s history.

Hour 1 – 07/21/21: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins Eric from Turning Point USA in Tampa; then, Eric answers lightening-round “Ask Metaxas” questions, and Albin prepares us for “The Pirate Pandemic.”

Hour 2 – 07/20/21: Michael Brown

Michael Brown provides an answer to the question, “Has God failed you?,” with his newest book; plus, explores the subject of “Christian Antisemitism.”

Hour 1 – 07/20/21: Greg Laurie

Pastor Greg Laurie talks about his friendship with the late Billy Graham, and reveals behind-the-scenes stories and insights that are truly inspiring.

Hour 2 – 07/19/21: Tim Eaton

Tim Eaton, CEO of NutraMedix.com, is in the studio to share how his company was created — not just to provide outstanding supplements and vitamins, but to also benefit charities the world over.

Hour 1 – 07/19/21: Pat Boone

Legendary performer Pat Boone shares amazing stories from his stellar career, including performing for, and meeting, the Queen of England twice, and becoming close friends with Elvis Presley.

Hour 2 – 07/13/21: Samuel Mitcham

Historian Samuel Mitcham returns to the program to share fascinating stories from his book, “The Retribution Conspiracy: The Rise of the Confederate Secret Service.”

Hour 1 – 07/13/21: Senator Doug Mastriano

Senator Doug Mastriano from Pennsylvania provides an update on the ballot shenanigans in his home state, as well as what’s happening about “election transparency” across the nation.

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