Hour 2 – 08/10/20: David Wood – Part 2 (Encore)

Eric continues his conversation with Christian apologist David Wood, who reveals how his debates with a Christian in prison helped turn on the light of truth to his own faith conversion. (Warning: Some content may be disturbing.) (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 08/10/20: David Wood (Encore)

For the first time ever, Eric interviews a former psychopath, David Wood, and uncovers his astounding story of transformation into Christian apologist in a Miracle Monday that you cannot miss. (Warning: Some content may be disturbing.) (Encore Presentation)

Hour 2 – 08/07/20: Kurt Nelson

Kurt Nelson, president and CEO of East-West Ministries, takes a deep-dive into the powerful and controversial phrase, “Love your enemies”… just how does that play out on a personal level?

Hour 1 – 08/07/20: Louis Markos

The “Ancient Voices” of classical Greece come alive in Eric’s interview with historian Louis Markos; the discussion also focuses on the historical relevance of today’s political climate.

Hour 2 – 08/06/20: Dr. Jordan Metzl

If you’ve ever wondered how Eric stays in such great shape as a runner, tune in to meet his knee doctor, well-known and respected sports doctor, Jordan Metzl — his advice may help you, as well!

Hour 1 – 08/06/20: Jorge Valdes

Jorge Valdes relates an over-the-top personal story of his life as a cocaine drug lord and how he eventually left this brutal world of crime; Jorge also shares stories of his family’s experience with Socialism in Cuba. (Warning: Some content may be disturbing.)

Hour 2 – 08/05/20: Sara Barratt

Can a “holy uprising” be on its way? First-time author Sara Barratt covers that possibility in “Love Riot,” calling for teenagers in particular to live with “reckless abandon” in an age when so much good seems to be unraveling.

Hour 1 – 08/05/20: Mike Lindell

From the MyPillow.com headquarters (home of  “Code: ERIC”), Mike Lindell shares his personal story, and sounds a wake-up call to the nation about the fragility of freedom at this critical time in history.

Hour 1 – 08/04/20: Phil Roberston

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty goes from duck blind to Eric’s bunker for a thought-provoking look into our nation’s trials and challenges using key chapters from his new book, “Jesus Politics.”

Hour 2 – 08/03/20: John Zmirak

John Zmirak covers a lot of subjects, including the media’s treatment of the passing of Herman Cain, and his Stream.org satire piece covering AOC’s treatment of a so-called “White Jesus.”

Hour 1 – 08/03/20: Jeanine Pirro and David Horowitz

Jeanine Pirro, personal friend of the president for over 30 years, shares thoughts on what’s happening in the streets of America; then, David Horowitz talks about what’s going on with the suppression of his new Trump-positive book, “Blitz.”

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