Hour 2 – 04/09/21: William Federer

William Federer of American Minute explains how the deep state capitalizes on a crisis to consolidate control in his newest book, “Socialism: The Real History from Plato to the Present.”

Hour 1 – 04/09/21: Evan Sayet

Comedian Evan Sayet, who calls himself a “9/13 conservative,” has a very serious new book which addresses our spiraling-downward society, “The Woke Supremacy: An Anti-Socialist Manifesto.”

Hour 2 – 04/08/21: Joel Rosenberg

Joel Rosenberg, author of “The Beirut Protocol,” reports from Israel on how the latest election results there will affect politics and culture here in America.

Hour 1 – 04/08/21: John Zmirak

John Zmirak of Stream.org exposes the Christian-face minstrel show of Shaun King (aka “Talcom X”); plus, what’s the truth about Sidney Powell’s fight for election integrity?

Hour 2 – 04/07/21: David Horowitz

David Horowitz went from a 60’s radical on the left to a modern-day Paul Revere on the right, warning of the impending downfall of the nation from “The Enemy Within,” the title of his new book.

Hour 1 – 04/07/21: Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis is host of a new TV program, “Just the Truth” on AmericasVoice.news, and weighs in on the state-by-state, election-official fraud which resulted in a disastrous outcome in the 2020 election.

Hour 1 – 04/06/21: Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf sounds the alarm on the outrageous ideas devised to address Covid, including “vaccine passports” and a “social credit system” — is a fascist culture about to be shoved down America’s throat?

Hour 2 – 04/05/21: Ken Fish

Miracle Monday returns with Ken Fish sharing more stories of the miraculous, including a healing experienced by his own mother in the early days of his ministry.

Hour 1 – 04/05/21: Ken Starr

Judge Ken Starr, in his new book “Religious Liberty in Crisis,” warns of some of the challenges ahead for people who believe in the Bible.

Hour 2 – 04/02/21: Stephen Meyer (continued)

Stephen Meyer continues discussing ideas from several of his books, including, “Return of the God Hypothesis,” “Signature in the Cell,” and “Darwin’s Doubt.”

Hour 1 – 04/02/21: Stephen Meyer

Scientist Stephen Meyer from the Discovery Institute re-examines the evidence related to Intelligent Design with observations from “Return of the God Hypothesis.”

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