Hour 2 – 10/27/20:Larry Taunton

Author and adventurer Larry Taunton has gone “Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days” and provides global observations focused on the upcoming election — and beyond.

Hour 1 – 10/27/20: John Zmirak

Big Bad John Zmirak adds a bit of humor to this week’s commentary with, among other things, his latest Stream.org article, “Donald Trump Will Ride a Coyote to Victory.”

Hour 2 – 10/26/20: Jerome Hudson

Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson tallies up “50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump,” his book that highlights some of the amazing accomplishments of the president that the press keeps “under wraps.”

Hour 1 – 10/26/20: Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray has an interesting, British perspective on America’s current political and cultural landscape with thoughts taken from his new book, “The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity.”

Hour 2 – 10/26/20: Kevin McCullough

Votestradamus, a.k.a. Salem radio host Kevin McCullough, has an update on his presidential electoral map and, of course, offers insights into last night’s debate.

Hour 1 – 10/26/20: Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis of the Falkirk Center and part of the president’s re-election team joins Eric to discuss the highs and lows of last night’s final presidential debate.

Hour 2 – 10/22/20: Donna Rice Hughes

Donna Rice Hughes returns to the show to discuss important issues of our time: Covid-19, internet safety, child pornography… and doing the most important thing for America and the upcoming election.

Hour 1 – 10/22/20: Father James Altman

Catholic priest Father James Altman expands on his opinions shared in a ten-minute video proclaiming a bold statement, that a Catholic cannot vote for Democrats without being a hypocrite.

Hour 2 – 10/21/20: Antonio Sabato Jr. and Dennis Prager

Antonio Sabato, Jr., relays what happened to his acting career after announcing support for Trump; and Dennis Prager has a new project, “CancelCon,” to add to his collaboration with Adam Carolla, “No Safe Spaces.”

Hour 1 – 10/21/20: John Zmirak

John Zmirak has several more dynamite articles at Stream.org, including thoughts on what’s revealed on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and why voting for the re-election of the president is a vote against national suicide.

Hour 2 – 10/20/20: Carter Page (continued)

Eric’s conversation with Carter Page about his Russiagate book, “Abuse and Power,” continues, with Carter sharing the implications of law enforcement “coloring outside the lines.”

Hour 1 – 10/20/20: Carter Page

Eric interviews Carter Page about being caught up in the Russia investigation — his book details his ordeal, “Abuse and Power: How an Innocent American Was Framed in an Attempted Coup Against the President.”

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