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Hour 2 – 01/24/20: Stephen Meyer (continued)

Eric’s interview with scientist and author Stephen Meyer continues as the two delve deeper into the mystery of life from this classic presentation of Socrates in the City.

Hour 1 – 01/24/20: Stephen Meyer

It’s a classic interview from Socrates in the City… Scientist Stephen Meyer, author of “Signature in the Cell” and “Darwin’s Doubt,” expands the case for intelligent design to the whole sweep of life’s history.

Hour 2 – 01/23/20: Steven Strang

Steven Strang returns to the studio with an interview that’s sure to stir the pot in both the political and religious worlds when he shares thoughts from his new book, “God, Trump, and the 2020 Election”… And what exactly does John Zmirak mean by his article, “Eat More Mexicans”?

Hour 1 – 01/23/20: Todd Robinson

Todd Robinson, the writer and director of a powerful new film, joins Eric to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “The Last Full Measure,” the true story of one of the brave heroes of the Vietnam war.

Hour 2 – 01/22/20: Jenna Ellis (continued)

Jenna Ellis continues outlining the accomplishments and goals of the current administration and what she sees as very important to the president’s re-election.

Hour 1 – 01/22/20: Jenna Ellis

From the president’s re-election team, senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis has much to say about the impeachment trial, Trump’s faith initiative, and his path to a second term in office.

Hour 1 – 01/21/20: David Bahnsen

Financial planner David Bahnsen stops by to delineate what he sees as the disastrous effect of a candidate like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren winning the White House in November.

Hour 2 – 01/20/20: John Zmirak

On Martin Luther King Day, John Zmirak takes a look at how the term “racism” has morphed into all kinds of meanings and is being used to divide people and stifle free speech.

Hour 1 – 01/20/20: Rebecca Bender

It’s a Miracle Monday you won’t easily forget – Rebecca Bender talks about her autobiography, “In Pursuit of Love: One Woman’s Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant.”

Hour 2 – 01/17/20: Scott Johnston (continued)

Scott Johnston continues his delineation of “Campusland,” his humorous novel that illustrates how political correctness has had a destructive effect on faculty and students alike at fictional Devon University.

Hour 1 – 01/17/20: Scott Johnston

Eric sits down with Scott Johnston, who captures the inane silliness of political-correctness-run-amok at a fictional ivy-league university in his new, best-selling novel, “Campusland.”

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