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Hour 2 – 12/11/18: Chuck Stetson

Chuck Stetson, CEO of Essentials in Education, discusses the Bible’s critical role in our culture and how his organization promotes biblical education into mainstream curricula.

Hour 1 – 12/11/18: Jennea & Brian “Head” Welch

Brian “Head” Welch from the rock group Korn and his daughter Jeanna share their testimony and new movie, “Loud Krazy Love”; then, Edward Sri gives profound insights from his new book, “Rethinking Mary.”

Hour 2 – 12/10/18: Kevin Sorbo

You may know him as Hercules, but Kevin Sorbo has also made powerful Christmas movies, plus the sequel to “Let There Be Light.”

Hour 1 – 12/10/18: Brian Kilmeade

Brian Kilmeade discusses his riveting book on Andrew Jackson’s role in the War of 1812; he also weighs in on how today’s political correctness stifles productive discourse.

Hour 1 – 12/07/18: Hannah Fei

Abandoned in Beijing at the age of one, Hannah Fei shares her amazing adoption story that made international headlines and inspired millions.

Hour 2 – 12/06/18: Antony Beevor

Antony Beevor recalls the deadliest airborne WW2 operation that the Greatest Generation fought in his book “The Battle of Arnhem.”

Hour 1 – 12/06/18: Michael Pullara

International intrigue! Michael Pullara tells us a true spy story of the murder of a CIA officer by KGB agents and its cover-up in his book “The Spy Who Was Left Behind.”

Hour 2 – 12/05/18: Steve Strang

Feel that rumble? Steve Strang, founder and CEO of Charisma magazine, tells us all about his new book, “Trump Aftershock.”

Hour 1 – 12/05/18: Will Graham

Will Graham discusses his transformational devotional, “Redeemed,” plus talks about portraying his famous grandfather Billy in the sequel to the movie, “Unbroken.”

Hour 1 – 12/04/18: Peter Hitchens

From across the pond, the ever-lively Peter Hitchens talks about his just-released book, “The Phoney Victory: The World War II Delusion.”

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