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Hour 2 – 07/29/20: Ask Metaxas

Eric addresses listener emails, as well as explains his most recent tongue-in-cheek Tweet about Jesus being “white” that launched a firestorm of negative comments on the internet.

Hour 1 – 07/08/20: Ethan Gutmann

Investigative journalist Ethan Gutmann exposes the horrific practices of the Chinese government which blatantly disregards human rights, including live-harvesting of organs from religious and political dissidents — and, how are American companies reacting?

Hour 1 – 06/11/20: Matt Lockett & Will Ford

Do the history and miracles surrounding the unique dynamic synergy found in Matt Lockett and Will Ford’s relationship hold the key to racial reconciliation and unity in America? Eric says this is truly a don’t-miss interview!

Hour 1 – 05/29/20: Ask Metaxas

In a new installment of “Ask Metaxas,” listeners emailed their questions and, with the help of Albin and Chris, Eric provided answers that shed light on his views of everything from politics to culture to faith.

Hour 1 – 05/25/20: Gene Ho (Encore)

Gene Ho, official photographer of Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency in 2016, is in the studio to share a snapshot of the real man in the Oval Office, captured in his book, “Trumpography.” (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 05/19/20: Natalya Shutakova

From Norway, Natalya Shutakova joins Eric to discuss what’s happening since all three of her children were taken away by her country’s child protective services based on a lie.

Hour 2 – 05/06/20: Pat Boone (Encore)

Actor and singer Pat Boone has a powerful and inspiring message for all Americans that he shares with Eric in his special bunker appearance. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 03/27/20: Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt (Encore)

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt brings a powerful message of how forgiveness opens us up to healing, hope and a new world of possibilities, which are part of personal accounts from her book, “The Gift of Forgiveness.” (Encore Presentation)

Hour 2 – 03/18/20: J.P. DeGance is a new initiative to help strengthen marriages and, by extension, communities across the country — President and CEO J. P. DeGance shares Communio’s many success stories.

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