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Hour 2 – 02/01/19: Stephen Baldwin

You never know what will happen when actor Stephen Baldwin drops by: this time, in between discussion of his new movie, “The Least of These,” we learn some of Stephen’s thoughts about being father-in-law to Justin Bieber.

Hour 1 – 03/07/18: Stephen Baldwin

From the National Religious Broadcasters convention: You never know WHAT will happen when Stephen Baldwin joins Eric on the big show.

Hour 1 – 12/01/17: Stephen Baldwin & Larry Taunton

Stephen Baldwin continues his in-studio explanation of his new TV show, “Great American Pilgrimage,” and Larry Taunton wraps up what he’s learned after going “Around the World in 80 Days.”

Hour 2 – 11/30/17: Stephen Baldwin

The always-unpredictable Stephen Baldwin drops into the studio to discuss his new “Great American Pilgrimage” television program that aims at bringing the country together in a fun, interactive way.

Hour 2 – 08/11/17: Stephen Baldwin

With all the fire and fury going on across the globe, isn’t it nice to know that Eric’s friend Stephen Baldwin dropped by the studio to “chill”?

Hour 1 – 08/09/17: Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin is live in-studio with Eric and shares details about his new movie, “The UnMiracle.” So, What’s an UN-miracle…?

Hour 2 – 06/29/15: Stephen Baldwin

Stephen finally arrives to chat about his latest film, Faith of Our Fathers, and shares personal details of his faith journey.

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