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Hour 1 – 07/20/20: Larry Taunton

Larry Taunton is back to share an important “open letter” that addresses our current political crisis and that Larry and Eric feel needs to get into the hands of pastors across the nation.

Hour 1 – 07/14/20: Larry Taunton

Author and columnist Larry Taunton unravels what’s going on in America today with insights gleaned from his travels around the world — and what kind of role is the church playing in all the turmoil?

Hour 1 – 11/25/19: Bishop Jwan Zhumbes & Larry Taunton

Eric welcomes Larry Taunton back to the show, now accompanied by Jwan Zhumbes, a Nigerian bishop who tells how he endured extreme persecution and suffering, and witnessed death, but found renewal of his faith.

Hour 2 – 05/17/19: Larry Taunton

Author, columnist, and cultural commentator Larry Taunton reveals experiences abroad from his latest endeavor with the intriguing title, “Around the World in 80 Days”.

Hour 1 – 12/01/17: Stephen Baldwin & Larry Taunton

Stephen Baldwin continues his in-studio explanation of his new TV show, “Great American Pilgrimage,” and Larry Taunton wraps up what he’s learned after going “Around the World in 80 Days.”

Hour 1 – 10/25/17: Larry Taunton & Keith Getty

First, Larry Taunton discloses his whereabouts during an “Around the World” update; then, recently honored by Queen Elizabeth, music-maker Keith Getty talks about “Sing!”

Hour 1 – 08/25/17: Larry Taunton

Author and adventurer Larry Taunton previews his travels a la Jules Verne when he goes Around the World in 80 days!

Hour 1 – 01/14/16: Larry Taunton

Larry Taunton shares how he recently survived being hit by a car and about his book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens.

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