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Hour 1 – 01/15/20: Kevin McCullough

Salem’s own Kevin McCullough joins Eric in the studio to discuss what’s hot in the world of culture and current events — and responds succinctly to the question, “Why would a Christian vote for Trump?”

Hour 2 – 12/04/19: Kevin McCullough

Salem Radio host Kevin McCullough drops by to examine the viability of impeachment, and Trump’s chances of re-election against any of the contenders in the current crop of challengers.

Hour 1 – 09/19/19: Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough gives his take on the latest political shenanigans, then becomes the Carnac-esque fortune-telling persona “Votestradamus” to predict future outcomes in the political world.

Hour 1 – 01/30/19: Kevin McCullough

Addressing the sorry state of American politics, Kevin McCullough joins the show to discuss the passing of the landmark NY state abortion law, controversy surrounding Roger Stone, the border wall, and other current events.

Hour 1 – 05/30/18: Kevin McCullough and Kellie Fiedorek

Salem’s own Kevin McCullough appears in studio to talk about the patriotism of President Donald Trump; then, attorney Kellie Fiedorek of the Alliance Defending Freedom discusses the ADF’s current fights.

Hour 1 – 05/08/18: Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough shares the studio with Eric and covers the latest breaking and about-to-break news… it’s don’t-miss commentary!

Hour 1 – 01/26/18: Judith Reisman

Kevin McCullough keeps us up to speed with the latest news; then, Dr. Judith Reisman relays stunning information from her newest article at WND, “#MeToo Actresses Protect Elite Child Traffickers.”

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