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Hour 2 – 07/29/20: Ask Metaxas

Eric addresses listener emails, as well as explains his most recent tongue-in-cheek Tweet about Jesus being “white” that launched a firestorm of negative comments on the internet.

Hour 1 – 05/29/20: Ask Metaxas

In a new installment of “Ask Metaxas,” listeners emailed their questions and, with the help of Albin and Chris, Eric provided answers that shed light on his views of everything from politics to culture to faith.

Hour 2 – 03/26/20: Ask Metaxas

It’s another installment of “Ask Metaxas,” where listeners write in with hopes that Eric will give their queries an informed and wise response — or at least make up a quasi-believable answer.

Hour 2 – 03/13/20: Ask Metaxas – Episode 3

If you have a question, Eric just may have the answer! It’s the third installment of “Ask Metaxas,” and Albin and Chris have their hands full of a variety of fun and/or serious emails from curious listeners.

Hour 2 – 03/06/20: Ask Metaxas

It’s another eye- and ear-opening installment of “Ask Metaxas,” where your smarter-than-the-average-bear host responds to listener emails, and is helped along the goodly path by pals Albin and Chris.

Hour 1 – 02/28/20: Ask Metaxas – Premiere

It’s the premier episode of a fun new hour, “Ask Metaxas,” where listeners email questions and Eric takes a stab at answering them — and producers Albin and Chris are on hand to help with the stabbing!

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