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Hour 2 – 07/23/20: Todd Starnes

When Todd Starnes wrote his book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing the Nation,” did he know just how prophetic it was? Todd has an update on many of his predictions that, unfortunately, became reality.

Hour 2 – 07/22/20: Michael Brown

Using observations from his new book, “Evangelicals at the Crossroads,” Dr. Michael Brown warns of the consequences if Evangelicals do not wake up to the dangerous cultural and political tide that may soon overwhelm America.

Hour 2 – 07/21/20: Larry Elder and Lawrence Reed

Salem radio host Larry Elder shares an update on the phenomenal success of his new documentary, “Uncle Tom”; then, economist Lawrence Reed asks (and answers) a very big question: Was Jesus a Socialist?

Hour 2 – 07/16/20: Senator Ted Cruz & Michael Knowles

Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles talk with Eric from the set of their new podcast, “Verdict,” and examine current events from both inside the Beltway and right from the very heart of America.

Hour 2 – 07/13/20: Larry Elder (Encore)

Salem radio’s Larry Elder talks about why he’s a conservative, telling the story of his heroic dad, and shares insights from his powerful new documentary, “Uncle Tom” — a must-see! (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 06/26/20: Michael Guillen

Michael Guillen, former science editor for ABC News and host of the podcast “Science + God,” talks about his journey into two perfectly conjoined worlds because of his belief in the God of all things, including science.

Hour 1 – 06/23/20: Larry Elder

Larry Elder has wonderful insights into the insanity that’s gripped America (and spread across the globe) and points to interviews found in his new powerful and uplifting documentary, “Uncle Tom.”

Hour 1 – 05/26/20: Dennis Prager (Encore)

In light of Facebook’s recent decree that PragerU is “fake news,” we are re-airing a previous interview with fellow Salem show host Dennis Prager who talks about the suppression of free speech in his movie, “No Safe Spaces.” (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 05/14/20: Brian Kilmeade

Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade talks about his “Alamo avengers” book, shares his thoughts about General Flynn and Adam Schiff, and weighs in on the “suffocating” shutdown; plus, John Zmirak describes “the last gasp of NeverTrump Christians.”

Hour 2 – 04/24/20: Candace Owens (continued)

Candace Owens continues her bunker conversation with Eric, discussing ideas from her new book, “Blackout,” and the movement that she founded known as BLEXIT; then, Michael L. Brown talks about Job’s faith to challenge God.

Hour 1 – 04/24/20: Candace Owens

Candace Owens makes her first bunker appearance and talks about her role in the film, “No Safe Spaces,” as well as the current state of America under lock-down — and its future after “reopening for business.”

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