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Hour 2 – 11/12/19: Liz Lemery Joy

New York congressional candidate Liz Joy broaches the touchy subject of faith in politics, recommending how a Christian can vote in the best way even when the choices aren’t cut and dry.

Hour 1 – 11/12/19: John Zmirak

Big Bad John Zmirak cautions against smear tactics that paint others with a broad brush, using polarizing words to ostracize similar thinkers and, in effect, condemning themselves.

Hour 2 – 11/11/19: Alveda King & Nick Loeb

From the National Religious Broadcaster’s convention, as niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., Alveda King joins director Nick Loeb in the pro-life movement as they talk about the upcoming movie, “Roe v. Wade.”

Hour 1 – 11/11/19: Mark Batterson

Mark Batterson tried a simple experiment in which every time he received a blessing, he gave a similar blessing away — now he explains his personal experience of being blessed to be a blessing.

Hour 2 – 11/08/19: John Lennox (continued)

Eric continues his conversation with Oxford professor John Lennox, delving deeper into the question of scientific proof for and against the existence of a Creator God.

Hour 1 – 11/08/19: John Lennox

From a Socrates in the City event in May of this year, Eric interviewed Oxford professor John Lennox, exploring the question, “Has science buried God?” — discussing the fine-tuned universe, evolution, logic, history, and more!

Hour 2 – 11/06/19: Dean Reuter

Dean Reuter shines a spotlight on General Hans Kammler, a Nazi who “officially” committed suicide but who actually ended up in American custody, possibly so the U.S. could benefit from his knowledge of Nazi secret weapons.

Hour 1 – 11/06/19: Sonia Purnell

Sonia Purnell joins Eric in the studio to tell the fascinating story of Winston Churchill’s closest confidante, fiercest critic, and shrewdest advisor—his wife Clementine.

Hour 2 – 11/05/19: Dallas Jenkins

Director Dallas Jenkins talks about his new television series that portrays Jesus through the eyes of those closest to him.

Hour 1 – 11/05/19: Brian Kilmeade

In his latest book, Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade recalls how Sam Houston led the Alamo avengers to victory, recapturing the pivotal war that changed America forever.

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