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Hour 2 – 10/02/19: Albin Sadar

Eric concludes his conversation with Os Guinness on living a significant life during our time on earth; then, our freakishly-talented producer Albin Sadar talks about his fun “Hamster Holmes” children’s book series.

Hour 1 – 10/02/19: Os Guinness

In strong contrast to both Eastern and secularist views of our time, Os Guinness reorients our very notion of history, not as cyclical nor as meaningless, but as linear and purposeful.

Hour 1 – 10/01/19: Virginia Prodan

Virginia Prodan tells the harrowing tale of how the Romanian Government tried to have her “eliminated,” but how her newfound faith turned the tables on them… the story told in her memoir, “Saving My Assassin.”

Hour 2 – 09/30/19: Anne Beiler

You will not want to miss the encouraging life story of Anne Beiler, the woman behind Auntie Anne’s Pretzels — she joins Eric in the studio to tell of overcoming abuse and trauma, and the romantic motivation for starting her pretzel business.

Hour 1 – 09/30/19: John Zmirak

Big Bad John Zmirak ponders the impeachment hearings as the latest of many Democratic attempts to take down President Trump and the malice many bicoastal elites have for red state voters.

Hour 2 – 09/27/19: Patti Callahan

Bestselling author Patti Callahan talks about her new novel about Joy Davidman, the writer who became C. S. Lewis’ wife and the woman he called “my whole world.”

Hour 1 – 09/27/19: Erick Stakelbeck

Erick Stakelbeck from Christians United for Israel and host of “The Watchman” on TBN gives his expertise on issues of national security and the Middle East.

Hour 2 – 09/26/19: Ray Comfort (continued)

Eric continues his conversation with Ray Comfort, whose humor goes toe-to-toe with Eric as he recounts stories of engaging people from many spiritual backgrounds, lovingly challenging them to consider Jesus.

Hour 1 – 09/26/19: Ray Comfort

The witty Kiwi Ray Comfort offers responses for some of the most common objections to the Christian faith — if you’ve ever wondered why God created hell, why evil is so prevalent, or if God even exists, Ray provides thought-provoking answers.

Hour 2 – 09/25/19: Ali Master

Born a Muslim in Pakistan, Ali Master tells his story of how he found freedom, love, and a new faith in America; he also encourages us to appreciate our liberties here and to consider our own spiritual journeys.

Hour 1 – 09/25/19: Christian Di Spigna

Christian Di Spigna discusses his biography on the fascinating Dr. Joseph Warren, an architect of the colonial rebellion who might have led the country as Washington or Jefferson did had he not been martyred at Bunker Hill in 1775.

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