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Hour 2 – 04/08/19: Stephen Beck

In “The Mosaik Miracle,” Frankfurt pastor Stephen Beck relates personal stories of transformation as German Christians step out of their comfort zones to welcome Muslim refugees into their communities.

Hour 1 – 04/08/19: Kristen Waggoner and Nate Birt

Kristen Waggoner from the Alliance Defending Freedom discusses the Southern Poverty Law Center’s smear campaign against its ideological opponents; then, Nate Birt shares anecdotes from his own embryo adoption experience in “Frozen, But Not Forgotten.”

Hour 2 – 04/05/19: Ryan Cole

Historian Ryan Cole gives us insight into the influential yet reckless life of George Washington’s confidant and Robert E. Lee’s father in his page-turner, “Light-Horse Harry Lee.”

Hour 1 – 04/05/19: Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is on hand to state “The Case for Trump,” and both he and Eric suggest somewhat surprising ideas of who will get the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

Hour 2 – 04/04/19: Jerry Newcombe

Producer, pastor, and author Jerry Newcombe urges a return God who has blessed the United States from its start and offers his book, “American Amnesia,” as an antidote to our nation’s forgetfulness.

Hour 1 – 04/04/19: Luis Palau

The highly influential Latin American preacher Luis Palau joins Eric to bring attention to his biopic, “Palau,” premiering in theaters tonight and Saturday.

Hour 2 – 04/03/19: Hormoz Shariat

Pastor Hormoz Shariat of Iran Alive Ministries, “the Billy Graham of Iran,” believes his country is ready for a major transformation — spiritually, socially, financially, and politically — as prophesied in Jeremiah.

Hour 1 – 04/03/19: John Zmirak

Will we soon be seeing all government employees wearing gray jumpsuits? Big Bad John Zmirak tackles the issue, and posits the many reasons you should plan to see, “Unplanned.”

Hour 2 – 04/02/19: Chris Whitford

CEO Chris Whitford joins Eric in the studio to discuss her non-profit organization Avail NYC, where those making decisions about unexpected pregnancies can find care and hope.

Hour 1 – 04/02/19: Tina Marie Griffin

Actor and “Counter Culture Mom” Tina Marie Griffin reveals how pop culture is eroding the foundational development of today’s youth and how we can rise above the attack.

Hour 2 – 04/01/19: Raleigh Sadler

As president and founder of Let My People Go, Raleigh Sadler calls for us to recognize the inherent dignity of “the least of these” in his book, “Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking.”

Hour 1 – 04/01/19: Mike Lindell

MyPillow’s Mike Lindell wasn’t always such a big softie! He joins Eric for pillow talk to share the story of his battle with cocaine addiction and his remarkable transformation into a multimillion-dollar business owner and philanthropist.

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