Hour 2 – 06/07/22: Tom Ascol

Tom Ascol is a candidate for president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and hopes to win the office to help stop the SBC’s sad and deluded slide into woke culture and away from God’s word.

Hour 1 – 06/07/22: Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray, using examples from his new book, “The War on the West,” explains how many well-meaning people in the West have been fooled by hypocritical anti-Western rhetoric.

Hour 2 – 06/06/22: Tim Barton

Tim Barton of Wallbuilders.com prepares us for the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court with an eye on the history of decisions about abortion in this country — and what’s up ahead after the ruling.

Hour 1 – 06/06/22: John Zmirak

John Zmirak opens the week with new articles from Stream.org, including examining how the Left in America is following the Nazi playbook; plus, a look back on the anniversary of D-Day and the sacrifice of that day.

Hour 2 – 06/02/22: Leigh Bortins and Seth Talbott

Ask Metaxas tops the hour with a tricky question about faith; then, Leigh Bortins has expert advice on classical education, and Seth Talbott focusing on building a more successful business.

Hour 1 – 06/02/22: John Zmirak

John Zmirak of Stream.org hits on several topics of the past week, including the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, and the D.C. adjudicated court case exonerating Hillary Clinton’s lawyer.

Hour 1 – 06/01/22: Dr. Hamlin Emory

Dr. Hamlin Emory, who practices child/adult neuro-psychiatry in L.A., sits down with Eric to discuss discoveries outlined in his book, “Hard to Swallow: From Superstition to Psychiatry.”

Hour 1 – 05/31/22: John Gleeson

John Gleeson stops by the studio to discuss his revealing new book, “The Gotti Wars: Taking Down America’s Most Notorious Mobster,” with insights only Gleeson, the young prosecutor on the case at the time, can provide.

Hour 1 – 05/30/22: Chris Reed

On Miracle Monday, Chris Reed of MorningStar Ministries reveals an angelic visitation where he was given a vision of what will soon happen with Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, and some coming unsettling meteoritical events.

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