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Hour 2 – 03/18/20: J.P. DeGance is a new initiative to help strengthen marriages and, by extension, communities across the country — President and CEO J. P. DeGance shares Communio’s many success stories.

Hour 1 – 03/18/20: Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer

In a previously recorded interview from February, filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer present evidence about the beneficial technique of hydraulic fracturing, highlighted in their documentary, “Frack Nation.”

Hour 2 – 03/17/20: Ken Fish – Part 4

It’s the final installment of Ken Fish’s Miracle Monday report, as well as a serious and tongue-in-cheek look at what’s happening Corona-wise in the local New York area, from lock-downs to stampedes on toilet paper.

Hour 1 – 03/17/20: Ken Fish – Part 3

Ken Fish continues his report on miracles happening from around the world… and Eric, along with Albin, Chris, and James the show’s engineer, bring Corona-related reports from their “bunkers” in New York and New Jersey.

Hour 2 – 03/16/20: Ken Fish (continued)

Miracles are still happening around the world and Ken Fish continues to share his eye-witness accounts from his recent trip to Israel and other countries across the globe.

Hour 1 – 03/16/20: Ken Fish

Ken Fish of Kingdom Fire Ministries is back from Israel and in the studio for an uplifting look at how miracles are still happening, even in a world filled with fear and uncertainty.

Hour 2 – 03/13/20: Ask Metaxas – Episode 3

If you have a question, Eric just may have the answer! It’s the third installment of “Ask Metaxas,” and Albin and Chris have their hands full of a variety of fun and/or serious emails from curious listeners.

Hour 1 – 03/13/20: Matt Walsh

Big-time blogger and podcaster Matt Walsh pulls no punches when he discusses his book, “Church of Cowards,” taking on what he believes is the ineffectiveness of many who should be in the forefront of cultural influence.

Hour 2 – 03/12/20: Jeremy Camp and John Zmirak

Jeremy Camp talks about the movie, “I Still Believe,” based on a very sad time in his life; then, John Zmirak has more thoughts about Joe Biden, the 2nd Amendment, and the upcoming election fireworks.

Hour 1 – 03/12/20: Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt brings a powerful message of how forgiveness opens us up to healing, hope and a new world of possibilities, which are part of personal accounts from her book, “The Gift of Forgiveness.”

Hour 2 – 03/11/20: Ken Starr (continued)

Ken Starr, the man who knows a thing or two about impeachment, continues examining current and previous presidential “missteps” and troubles that have divided America.

Hour 1 – 03/11/20: Ken Starr

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the results of his Russia-connection investigation are re-examined by Ken Starr, who also touches on the current political ballyhoos.

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