Hour 1 – 09/12/22: David & Christen Limbaugh

David Limbaugh and his daughter Christen are in the studio to discuss “The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament,” and touch on the church’s role in the culture today.

Hour 2 – 09/10/22: Samuel Mitcham (Encore)

Historian Samuel Mitcham in his book, “The Death of Hitler’s War Machine,” enlightens us with events from the end of World War II and the defeat of Nazi power. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 09/10/22: Sean Feucht and Joel Berry

Sean Feucht shares news about his film “Superspreader” and his upcoming event in Times Square; then, Joel Berry of the Babylon Bee talks about the kooky side of “Democracy.”

Hour 2 – 09/08/22: Jonathan Cahn – Part 2

Jonathan Cahn continues his fascinating discussion of “The Return of the Gods,” focusing on the destruction unleashed as a result of the church turning away from God; plus, a brand-new Ask Metaxas.

Hour 1 – 09/08/22: Jake Lang and John Zmirak

John Zmirak of Stream.org asks a simple question: Would you choose to go to prison rather tell “hellish lies”? Then, Jake Lang of J6Truth.org talks about January 6 injustices from his prison cell.

Hour 2 – 09/07/22: Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn takes us step by step through an almost-unbelievable look at what’s going on “behind the scenes” in this country with illustrations found in his new book, “The Return of the Gods.”

Hour 1 – 09/07/22: Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough pulls no punches with his new article, taking on the whacky speech by Joe Biden and what it means going forward for America: “Why Benito Going Bonkers Backfired.”

Hour 2 – 09/06/22: Erwin Lutzer

Erwin Lutzer has a new book that is a rallying cry to indifferent people in the churches across the land, “No Reason to Hide: Standing for Christ in a Collapsing Culture.”

Hour 1 – 09/06/22: Larry Taunton

Larry Taunton zeroes in on the real reason why Biden chose a devil-red background for his divisive speech and why the Left fears ordinary, middle-class folks on the Right.

Hour 2 – 09/05/22: Sarah Salviander (Encore)

Astrophysicist Sarah Salviander provides a fascinating conversation about the intersection of science and religion and how recent discoveries overwhelmingly point to an Intelligent Designer of the universe. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 09/05/22: David Berlinski (Encore)

Polymath David Berlinski, writer, mathematician, and raconteur, brings it all together in his sparkling discussion with Eric about “Human Nature.” (Encore Presentation)

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