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Hour 2 – 08/23/19: Michael L. Brown (Encore)

In “Jezebel’s War With America,” Messianic Jewish radio show host Michael L. Brown writes how today’s sexual immorality and permissive abortion attitudes reveal the same spirit of the infamous, murderous seductress in the Bible.

Hour 1 – 08/23/19: Samuel Gregg

The Action Institute’s Samuel Gregg reminds us of the Western world’s unique synthesis of reason and faith, and warns that it’s currently under attack by both aggressive secularism from the West and radical Islam from the East.

Hour 2 – 08/22/19: Michael J. Murray

Eric welcomes to the studio Michael J. Murray, who explains the need for visionary leadership in public television for scientific and historical documentaries, children’s programming, and high quality educational media.

Hour 1 – 08/22/19: Alex & Stephen Kendrick

You may have seen the Kendrick Brothers films including “War Room,” “Courageous,” “Fireproof,” and “Facing the Giants.” Now they join Eric to discuss their latest movie opening this weekend!

Hour 2 – 08/21/19: Stephen Coonts

Oh the suspense! Author Stephen Coonts shares his upcoming novel involving a CIA officer who uncovers a financial conspiracy that threatens the CIA and the President of the United States.

Hour 1 – 08/21/19: Jeff Allen

Just before his nationwide tour, comedian Jeff Allen joins Eric in the studio to discuss the challenges he overcame in order to experience a “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Hour 2 – 08/20/19: Greg Laurie (continued)

Greg Laurie tells how a poor boy from Arkansas with a harsh family life became the legendary Johnny Cash, and how the troubled musician navigated the rocky road of redemption. Also, find out how an ostrich nearly killed him!

Hour 1 – 08/20/19: Greg Laurie

Over seven million people have attended his Harvest Crusades; now Pastor Greg Laurie is the subject of an upcoming biopic. Not to be outdone, he is also producing a documentary detailing the redemptive story of the iconic Johnny Cash.

Hour 2 – 08/19/19: Joe Battaglia

Even though we’re wired for friendships, our online connections often disconnect us from genuine relationships. Joe Battaglia aims to relieve our digital fatigue and explores why it’s vital to find true community in a disconnected culture.

Hour 1 – 08/19/19: John Zmirak

John Zmirak voices his concern over the ideologies of Latino immigrants, whose political leanings could place a heavier burden on American taxpayers. He also untangles the confusing media narrative over Steve King’s recent comments.

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