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Hour 2 – 02/21/19: Sandi Patty (Encore)

Forty-time Dove Award-winner and Christian music icon Sandi Patty reveals in her book, “The Voice,” the struggle to find her own voice and God-given identity. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 02/21/19: Michael Newton Keas

Michael Newton Keas, author of “Unbelievable,” dissects seven myths about science and religion; also, Faith McDonnell, on the forefront of religious liberty, lost her Facebook account due to posting the photo of the 21 Coptic Christians martyred a year ago.

Hour 2 – 02/20/19: Jason & David Benham (continued)

The multitalented Benham Brothers continue in the studio with Eric to promote their new book, “Bold and Broken,” encouraging ordinary people like us to bring heaven to earth through radical acts of service.

Hour 1 – 02/20/19: Jason & David Benham

Twin polymaths Jason and David Benham both played pro baseball and are now motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, and authors. Their latest book, “Bold and Broken,” inspires us to bring heaven to earth through compassionate actions.

Hour 2 – 02/19/19: John Zmirak

Big Bad John Zmirak returns to raise his concerns over what’s happening on the far left, covering points made in his article, “Assume that Leftists are Liars. Like Father, Like Sons.”

Hour 1 – 02/19/19: Rich Lowry

National Review Editor-in-Chief Rich Lowry alerts us to issues currently swamping the country: socialism, identity politics, and the recently-declared national emergency to build the wall.

Hour 2 – 02/18/19: Ken Fish

Joining Eric in the studio, Ken Fish details more marvelous and miraculous stories of healing and deliverance from oppressive spirits; then, Gary Wilkerson concludes his insights about “God’s Favor.”

Hour 1 – 02/18/19: Gary Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson elucidates the expansive, empowering vision of God’s eagerness to pour grace into us and out to others in his book, “God’s Favor: Experiencing the Life God Wants You to Have.”

Hour 2 – 02/15/19: Jerry Pattengale

Ever hear of a minor-league baseball team made up of men who all looked like Jesus? Jerry Pattengale, author of the well-researched book, “Is the Bible at Fault?”, joins Eric to share some fun facts.

Hour 1 – 02/15/19: Pat Boone

The incomparable Pat Boone relays wonderful stories about his wife Shirley and talks about what it was like having a newly-discovered talent, Elvis Presley, as his opening act back in the 1950’s.

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