Hour 2 – 10/31/22: Jeff Myers

Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries explores the idea of what “Truth” means to people today with his brand-new book, “Truth Changes Everything.”

Hour 1 – 10/31/22: Robert Davi

Robert Davi, a “Die Hard” fed and a James Bond villian among many other movie roles, is also director of “My Son Hunter,” the film about a certain hellish laptop.

Hour 1 – 10/27/22: Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo brings messages of hope from his ministry, including miraculous healings, plus shares his story of attending a Katherine Kuhlman event that changed his life.

Hour 2 – 10/26/22: Katie Hopkins – Part 3

Katie Hopkins concludes her in-studio interview with Eric sharing a lighthearted golfcart story and giving one last message of encouragement to Americans as we face the midterms.

Hour 1 – 10/26/22: John Zmirak

John Zmirak is back from Paris and is on-fire as ever, sharing several new articles at Stream.org, including, “The Villain of the New Movie ‘Amsterdam’ is Really Planned Parenthood.”

Hour 2 – 10/25/22: Katie Hopkins (continued)

Katie Hopkins continues her comments on the upcoming midterms and how she’s involved in doing her part to assure that America continues to be on the frontline of promoting freedom around the world.

Hour 1 – 10/25/22: Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is in America from across the pond to encourage Americans to continue the fight for freedom as she touches on the Queen’s passing, the new-new Prime Minister and her banishment from Australia.

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