Hour 2 – 09/29/22: Dean Cain

Dean Cain, a.k.a. Superman, talks about his intriguing role in “No Vacancy,” available at SalemNOW.com; “Ask Metaxas” tackles more listener emails; and Jeremy Tedesco of ADF zeroes in on key legal cases.

Hour 1 – 09/29/22: Michael Youssef

Michael Youssef asks an important question that’s on a lot of people’s minds, “Is the end near?” — and his new book with the same title looks into the possible answer from what’s written in the Bible.

Hour 2 – 09/28/22: Sean Feucht (Encore)

Sean Feucht drops into the studio to discuss his Times Square “Let Us Worship” event, as well as his new film in theaters this Thursday, “Superspreader.” (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 09/28/22: John Zmirak

John Zmirak puts his classic spin onto the Left’s new favorite word, “fascism,” with one of his newest articles at Stream.org, “America is Turning Fascist — in the Negative Sense.”

Hour 2 – 09/26/22: Rick Joyner

Rick Joyner has a new book that is perfect for our times, “Overcoming Evil in the Last Days: Exposing Satan’s Three Most Powerful Evil Strongholds.”

Hour 1 – 09/26/22: Sean Feucht

Sean Feucht drops into the studio after his Times Square “Let Us Worship” event Sunday evening, followed by the premiere of his new film, “Superspreader.”

Hour 2 – 09/23/22: Eric Shares His “Letter” (Encore)

Eric is interviewed by Albin about his new book, “Letter to the American Church,” on its official publication day, and his insights are powerful and, hopefully, motivating to awaken a sleeping Church. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 09/23/22: Dick Morris

Dick Morris has authored a new book, “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback,” and provides the logic behind why he believes that Hillary Clinton will run against Trump in the next presidential election.

Hour 2 – 09/22/22: Dean Cain and Joel Rosenberg

Dean Cain of Superman fame talks about “No Vacancy,” available at SalemNOW.com; then, Joel Rosenberg has an update of what’s happening in Israel, explaining how what happens there affects us here.

Hour 1 – 09/22/22: John Zmirak

John Zmirak from Stream.org unravels a couple of his important articles, including “We Are All Mark Judge Now,” where John takes us back to the lunacy of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings.

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