Hour 1 – 05/31/22: John Gleeson

John Gleeson stops by the studio to discuss his revealing new book, “The Gotti Wars: Taking Down America’s Most Notorious Mobster,” with insights only Gleeson, the young prosecutor on the case at the time, can provide.

Hour 1 – 05/30/22: Chris Reed

On Miracle Monday, Chris Reed of MorningStar Ministries reveals an angelic visitation where he was given a vision of what will soon happen with Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, and some coming unsettling meteoritical events.

Hour 2 – 05/27/22: Pat Castle

Pat Castle started his ministry after a mysterious encounter with Padre Pio while racing up Pikes Peak; Life Runners is considered “the world’s largest Pro-Life group with over 19,400 teammates who wear ‘Remember the Unborn’ jerseys as a public witness.”

Hour 1 – 05/27/22: Kyle Mann & Joel Berry

Kyle Mann and Joel Berry, two of the comic geniuses behind The Babylon Bee, tag-team stories from their new book, “The Post-Modern Pilgrim’s Progress,” and touch on Elon Musk’s interview with the Bee and their banning from Twitter.

Hour 2 – 05/26/22: Kevin McCullough and Ask Metaxas

Ask Metaxas kicks off the hour, followed by Eric quizzing Albin on his recent article, “Thou shalt not steal”; then Kevin McCullough urges listeners to contribute to CSI, and Seth Talbott answers another important business question.

Hour 1 – 05/26/22: Catherine Engelbrecht

Catherine Engelbrecht of TrueTheVote.org, who’s expert research is the highlight of the film, “2000 Mules,” has an update on where the evidence has taken the team and what’s being done about the fraud perpetrated in the 2020 election.

Hour 2 – 05/25/22: Joseph Pearce (Encore)

Biographer Joseph Pearce explores the life of Pope Benedict XVI, “defender of the faith,” whom Pearce regards as one of the greatest popes in Church history. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 05/25/22: Che Ahn

Che Ahn offers a workable solution too many of the problems plaguing America and sweeping the world with observations from his new book, “Turning Our Nation Back to God.”

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