Hour 2 – 03/31/22: Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke shares some inspiration from his new book, “Ideas on a Deadline: How to Be Creative When the Clock Is Ticking”; plus another fun edition of Ask Metaxas.

Hour 1 – 03/31/22: Sen. Doug Mastriano

Sen. Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania is now running for that state’s governor and looks back at his fight for truth and transparency in the topsy-turvy 2020 election.

Hour 2 – 03/30/22: John Zmirak

John Zmirak is back for his weekly ruminations and hits on some big topics with new articles from Stream.org, specifically, the Biden regime’s targeting of Christians and game plan ahead.

Hour 1 – 03/30/22: Phelim McAleer

Phelim McAleer, all the way from Ireland, provides an update on one of the hottest stories of the year, the Hunter Biden laptop, with details about release of the new movie, “My Son Hunter.”

Hour 2 – 03/29/22: Steven Collins (Encore)

Archaeologist Steven Collins, in his book “Let My People Go!”, digs into the amazing facts from history concerning Moses leading the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 03/29/22: Mark Bauerlein

Mark Bauerlein has an important, don’t miss update on the twenty-sometings when he dives into his new book, “The Dumbest Generation Grows Up: From Stupefied Youth to Dangerous Adults.”

Hour 2 – 03/28/22: Pat Boone (continued)

Pat Boone continues his stroll down memory lane with stories of friendship with famous people from his career spanning seven decades from every walk of life, from Mother Teresa to Elvis Presley.

Hour 1 – 03/28/22: Pat Boone

Legendary performer Pat Boone highlights stories of his work and friendship with the most famous of celebrities, and talks about his new movie, “The Mulligan,” and his golf partners over the years.

Hour 2 – 03/25/22: Sean Feucht

Sean Feucht is about to head out on a new Let Us Worship tour, but makes time to provide his opinion on one of the obvious problems of our time: a biological male breaking records previously held by females.

Hour 1 – 03/25/22: John Zmirak

John Zmirak from Stream.org covers the Supreme Court candidate, the connection between transgenderism and Jim Crow Laws, and the unnecessary tragedy of nursing home deaths during the pandemic.

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