Hour 2 – 06/09/21: Dr. Marty Makary

Dr. Marty Makary, author of “The Price We Pay,” worked with both the Obama and Trump administrations and shares a window into how government agencies are “harmful to your health.”

Hour 1 – 06/09/21: Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland, supermodel and super businesswoman, has ventured into the world of music with the production of a new album that truly touches on “the 5th dimension.”

Hour 2 – 06/08/21: Lee Habeeb

Lee Habeeb, host of “Our American Stories,” talks about his hard-hitting documentary for Father’s Day available at SalemNOW.com, “The Streets Were My Father.”

Hour 1 – 06/08/21: Mickey Robinson – Part 3

Mickey Robinson wraps up stories from his life of risk and adventure, drawing from tales found in his two books, “Supernatural Courage” and “Falling Into Heaven.”

Hour 2 – 06/07/21: Mickey Robinson (continued)

Miracle Monday continues with Mickey Robinson in the studio talking about his amazing life story, which includes perilous adventures, a horrific disaster, and a visit to heaven that put everything into the proper perspective.

Hour 1 – 06/07/21: Mickey Robinson

Mickey Robinson shares his incredible life story featuring a horrific plane crash, several miraculous healings, a visit to heaven, visions of the future, and other details found in his two books, “Falling Into Heaven” and “Supernatural Courage.”

Hour 2 – 06/04/21: Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft has a new book, “How to Destroy Western Civilization,” and hits on hot topics, including the pope’s naivete about China and the plight of martyrs — and Critical Race Theory.

Hour 1 – 06/04/21: Tim Eaton

Tim Eaton, CEO of NutraMedix.com, talks about the origins of his supplements company and the miracles that helped him and many people suffering in remote areas across the globe.

Hour 2 – 06/03/21: Dr. Simone Gold

Dr. Simone Gold, on the road with the “Uncensored Truth Tour,” has highlights of the growing movement against the Covid-19 “medical tyranny”; plus, Peter Vlaming has the Alliance Defending Freedom defending his free-speech rights.

Hour 1 – 06/03/21: Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, transformed from a “young angry man” to a world-renowned brain surgeon, discusses the solutions to America’s many problems.

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