Hour 2 – 06/30/21: Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough, a.k.a. Votestradamus, answers the question posed in his latest Townhall.com article, “Why Whoever Is ‘Running Biden’ Is More Dangerous Than Marx.”

Hour 1 – 06/30/21: Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk interviews Eric and Eric interviews Charlie on a variety of critical current events, all from the floor of this year’s National Religious Broadcast convention in Dallas.

Hour 2 – 06/29/21: Jonathan Cahn (continued)

Jonathan Cahn continues sharing insights into the alignment of Old Testament events with people and places in recent history, plus makes an informed opinion about what might happen in the near future.

Hour 1 – 06/29/21: Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn shares the TBN studio with Eric, and what he has to say about events from the Bible and how they align with what’s happening in America today will most likely blow you away.

Hour 2 – 06/28/21: John Zmirak

John Zmirak is back in action with his latest articles from Stream.org, including a hard-hitting one about how the Left sees Black Americans as “cannon fodder, captive votes, and cudgels.”

Hour 1 – 06/28/21: Brian Gibson

Brian Gibson, one of America’s “amazingly heroic” pastors, has an incredible story to tell about his run-in with “the authorities” after he preached at the January 6th event in Washington, D.C.

Hour 2 – 06/24/21: Hormoz Shariat

Hormoz Shariat from Iran Alive Ministries believes that his country of birth is on the verge of having its own wonderful nation-changing event sometime down the road.

Hour 1 – 06/24/21: Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell catches up with Eric at the National Religious Broadcasters convention and announces a new “nation- changing event” that he’s planning for early August.

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