Hour 2 – 02/26/21: Mike Nawrocki and Jenn Gotzon

Mike Nawrocki, co-creator of VeggieTales, reveals two new projects, “Dead Sea Squirrels” and “Beautiful Mabel”; then, Jenn Gotzon of “The Farmer and The Belle” shares her own connection to “Beautiful Mabel.”

Hour 1 – 02/26/21: Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron has lots of irons in the fire these days and specifically urges Americans to come together over the next 100 days with an initiative he calls the American Campfire Revival.

Hour 2 – 02/25/21: John Zmirak

John Zmirak feels we can learn a lot from President Trump’s critics and enemies and shares his insights; plus, what may have been behind Mike Pence’s reluctance to look into Election Day fraud?

Hour 1 – 02/25/21: Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf, best-selling New York Times author of “The End of America” and “Give Me Liberty,” explains the perilous times in which we are living — just how close are we to a fascist state in America?

Hour 2 – 02/24/21: Peter Thiel (continued)

This special presentation of a Socrates in the City continues, with Peter Thiel expressing thoughts on globalization, academia, communion, and “the worst of the cardinal sins.”

Hour 1 – 02/24/21: Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel, entrepreneur and investor, presents ideas from his best-selling book, “Zero to One,” in this event hosted by Socrates in the City back in January 2020.

Hour 1 – 02/23/21: Eric at Calvary Chapel

Eric delivered the sermon at Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California, and answered the question, “What would Bonhoeffer do today?” emphasizing a key point: Courage is faith in a crisis.

Hour 2 – 02/22/21: Anthony Sadar (Encore)

Anthony Sadar is not only Albin’s identical twin brother, he’s the co-author of “Environmental Risk Communication” — and sharer of secrets from when the twins were growing up in Pittsburgh. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 02/22/21: Katy Faust (Encore)

Katy Faust created the advocacy organization “Them Before Us” to promote the welfare of minors and presents important research that gives children a voice in the debate over family structure. (Encore Presentation)

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