Hour 2 – 08/31/20: Bishop Harry Jackson

Bishop Harry Jackson presents a way to help solve the problems of the poor and marginalized across the country with insights found in his new book, “A Manifesto: Christian America‚Äôs Contract with Minorities.”

Hour 1 – 08/31/20: John Zmirak

John Zmirak from Stream.org discusses “the most Weimar Republic moment so far” in this political season; plus, zeroes in on the real story behind the Rittenhouse fiasco — who’s really promoting all the mayhem and street thuggery?

Hour 2 – 08/28/20: Kevin Shipp (Continued)

Kevin Shipp, formerly from “the company of shadows,” continues his discussion of the “soft coup” brought on by agents of our own government, and offers hope listing successful counter-punches landed by the Trump Administration.

Hour 1 – 08/28/20: Kevin Shipp

Former CIA counter-terrorism agent Kevin Shipp walks us down into the depths of the Deep State, sheds light on the Shadow Government, and exposes who (or what) he believes to be behind “QAnon.”

Hour 2 – 08/27/20: Matt Lockett and Will Ford

Do the history and miracles surrounding the unique dynamic synergy found in Matt Lockett and Will Ford’s relationship hold the key to racial reconciliation and unity in America? Eric says this is truly a don’t-miss interview! (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 08/27/20: Trey Gowdy

Former congressman and prosecutor Trey Gowdy talks about his new book, “Doesn’t Hurt to Ask,” and has an interesting angel on the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as President Trump and the “Russia Hoax.”

Hour 2 – 08/26/20: Herman Mendoza

Herman Mendoza was a drug lord from Queens who made a fortune selling cocaine, until he found freedom from his own destructive life; Herman takes us through his transition with stories from his book, “Shifting Shadows.”

Hour 1 – 08/26/20: Kevin McCullough

Salem radio host Kevin McCullough (a.k.a. Vote-stradamus) and Eric provide insightful commentary on the GOP Convention, focusing on the positive aspect of the many encouraging stories presented by the diverse array of speakers.

Hour 2 – 08/25/20: Neil Mammen

What is the possibility that red states will turn blue in time to affect November’s election? Neil Mammen takes an in-depth look into stopping what he calls “an inevitable disease that will kill liberty in America.”

Hour 1 – 08/25/20: John Di Domenico

Eric shares thoughts on last night’s GOP Convention speakers; then, impressionist John Di Domenico as President Trump gives his take on Kamala Harris’ dislike of McGruff the crime dog, space aliens, and being president for life.

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