Hour 1 – 02/28/20: Ask Metaxas – Premiere

It’s the premier episode of a fun new hour, “Ask Metaxas,” where listeners email questions and Eric takes a stab at answering them — and producers Albin and Chris are on hand to help with the stabbing!

Hour 2 – 02/27/20: Ezra Levant (continued)

Ezra Levant continues showing how the fear behind political correctness is protecting radical Islamic “rape gangs” and squashing free speech — are there signs that the danger is creeping into North America?

Hour 1 – 02/27/20: Ezra Levant

Canadian journalist and radio talk show host Ezra Levant brings hard facts about the horrifying culture of “rape gangs” in the U.K. and the persecution of Tommy Robinson whose only “crime” is trying to expose them.

Hour 2 – 02/26/20: Dana Loesch (continued)

Dana Loesch continues pointing out ideas found in her new book, “Grace Canceled,” and provides examples of hope for a future of finding common ground without compromising values.

Hour 1 – 02/26/20: Dana Loesch

Talk radio host Dana Loesch explains why she feels that the politics of outrage sweeping the country is destroying lives, ending debate, and endangering our very democracy.

Hour 2 – 02/25/20: Linda Mintle

Marriage and family therapist Linda Mintle discusses the problems and treatment behind chronic pain; and, Christiana Holcomb from Alliance Defending Freedom has an update on the transgender track-team case.

Hour 1 – 02/25/20: John Zmirak

If you want to know what John Zmirak thinks about Bernie Sanders’ run for the White House tune in to this feisty discussion with Eric – and alert your friends in Cuba, too!

Hour 1 – 02/24/20: Steve Stewart

Founder and president of Impact Nations, Steve Stewart, stops by for Miracle Monday with stories from the field of how a loving God is healing people in lands struggling through abject poverty.

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