Hour 2 – 08/30/19: Thane Marcus Ringler

Golf pro turned entrepreneur and speaker Thane Marcus Ringler translates his young, professional athlete’s mindset into a path to mastering your unique potential in life.

Hour 1 – 08/30/19: John Rankin

Rev. John Rankin returns to the studio to provide an update on the Emancipation Party and to tout his newest publication, “The Screwtape Text Messages,” which dovetails off the popular C.S. Lewis book.

Hour 2 – 08/29/19: Dr. Leonard Sax (Encore)

Psychologist Leonard Sax applies his expertise to explore Adolf Hitler’s heritage, suggesting that the desire to suppress the Jewish aspect of his ancestry may have been the motivation for his animosity toward the Jewish people. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 08/29/19: Tony & Lauren Dungy

Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy, and his wife Lauren, an early child educational specialist, share their hearts for the next generation with their new books teaching children about adoption and forgiveness.

Hour 2 – 08/28/19: Autumn Miles

Autumn Miles leads an organization dedicated to women’s spiritual development; she also challenges us to be transformed into “prayer gangsters,” people who are passionate about their faith and loyalty to God.

Hour 1 – 08/28/19: Denise Harle and John Zmirak

Denise Harle from Alliance Defending Freedom addresses a legal case protecting athletes disadvantaged by boys competing as girls; John Zmirak discusses how to handle someone falsely calling you a racist.

Hour 2 – 08/27/19: David Horowitz

Eric concludes his interview with president of the Freedom Center and author, David Horowitz, whose latest autobiography aims to bring us face-to-face with the questions as to why we are here and where we are going.

Hour 1 – 08/27/19: Samuel Rodriguez

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez uses the story of Jesus healing the paralytic to explain how we can be released from the “tendency to dependency” and move beyond barriers based on obeying Jesus’ command to “get up and walk.”

Hour 2 – 08/26/19: David Horowitz

Eric continues his interview with David Horowitz, whose recently-published sequel to his bestselling autobiography “Radical Son” reflects on faith and where humanity is headed in the future.

Hour 1 – 08/26/19: David Horowitz

Eric welcomes President of the Freedom Center and author David Horowitz to the show to share his thoughts on the latest events in the political world and his new autobiography reflecting on the great questions of existence.

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