Hour 2 – 03/29/19: Kenneth Barnes

In view of the looming threat of a socialist future in the United States, Kenneth Barnes urges a return to a responsible fair market in “Redeeming Capitalism.”

Hour 1 – 03/29/19: Abby Johnson

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson reveals her personal story of the dehumanizing, business-driven abortion industry in the new movie, “Unplanned.”

Hour 2 – 03/28/19: Daniel Buttafuoco

Straight-talking attorney Daniel Buttafuoco presents a clear, rational defense of the reliability of the BIble to skeptics and saints alike in, “Consider the Evidence.”

Hour 1 – 03/28/19: Mike Huckabee and Greg Laurie

From the National Religious Broadcasters convention, Mike Huckabee has powerful insights into the Trump/Russia non-collusion revelation; and Pastor Greg Laurie has a lot to say about the Jesus “revolution” and issues of family and marriage.

Hour 2 – 03/27/19: Kartik Hosanagar

Wharton professor Kartik Hosanagar peers into the future of technology, including warnings on the inherent biases of artificial intelligence and how we can stay in control of our digital future in, “A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence.”

Hour 1 – 03/27/19: Jonathan Bernis

Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis untangles Israel’s complex political history to offer a clear understanding of radical Islam’s war on Christianity and the future of Jerusalem in, “A Lasting Peace.”

Hour 2 – 03/26/19: Christopher Metzler

Georgetown University professor Dr. Christopher Metzler warns us against the spread of progressive totalitarianism on American college campuses in his book, “Divided We Stand.”

Hour 1 – 03/26/19: David Horowitz

David Horowitz joins Eric on the show to explain how President Trump’s genuine love for his country has emboldened Christians to fight back against secularism in, “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America.”

Hour 2 – 03/25/19: Georgianna Jackson

Miracle Monday focuses on stories retold by Georgianna Jackson, who recounts several supernatural physical and emotional healings documented in the book, “Faith That Heals.”

Hour 1 – 03/25/19: Michael L. Brown

Preacher and radio host Michael L. Brown explores end-time prophecy in his book, “Not Afraid of the Antichrist,” as he challenges a prevailing interpretation of the biblical apocalypse.

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