Hour 2 – 02/28/19: James Tour (Encore)

James Tour, the brilliant synthetic organic chemist, will take you on a Fantastic Voyage with his unparalleled genius in the field of nanotechnology. (Encore Presentation)

Hour 1 – 02/28/19: Suzy Welch

The vastly successful, multi-talented Suzy Welch joins Eric in the studio to make a compelling “vegangelical” case for animal rights as she promotes the upcoming film, “A Prayer for Compassion.”

Hour 1 – 02/27/19: John Zmirak

In the origins-of-life debate, John Zmirak has found common ground upon which both intelligent-design supporters and Darwinists can agree… plus, why not support Jussie Smollet for president in 2020?

Hour 2 – 02/26/19: Dr. Timothy Jennings

Did you know our thoughts and beliefs significantly affect our physical, mental, and spiritual health? Dr. Timothy Jennings leads us in how we can rewire our brains with redeemed thinking in his book, “The God-Shaped Brain.”

Hour 1 – 02/26/19: Erwin McManus

In, “The Way of the Warrior,” Erwin McManus reminds us that the pursuit of peace isn’t passive, and he provides guidance from ancient wisdom so we can establish peace in our homes, communities, and the world.

Hour 2 – 02/25/19: Andrew Roberts

Historian Andrew Roberts discusses details from his prodigiously well-researched work, “Churchill: Walking with Destiny,” the book Wall Street Journal called, “Unarguably the best single-volume biography of Churchill.”

Hour 1 – 02/25/19: Jason Wilson

Revealing a past of losing family members to lynching, gang violence, and fatherly neglect in his book, “Cry Like a Man,” Jason Wilson now ministers to boys with similar backgrounds to process emotional pain and grow into their calling as responsible men.

Hour 2 – 02/22/19: Fran Tarkenton

Do you know how to avoid scammers and protect from financial abuse? Former NFL Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton shares powerful tips from his book, “Safe and Secure.”

Hour 1 – 02/22/19: Michael L. Brown

Pastor Michael L. Brown explores “The Power of Music: God’s Call to Change the World One Song at a Time”… and Eric and Albin celebrate George Washington’s birthday with a truncated Fun Facts Friday!

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