Hour 2 – 12/22/17: Christopher Scalia

One of Judge Antonin Scalia’s many children wrote a book about him, “Scalia Speaks,” and Eric finds out what kind of Dad the judge was from son Christopher.

Hour 1 – 12/22/17: Fun Facts Friday

Watch and SEE the Fun Facts Friday Christmas Edition! Cameras are in the studio and Eric and Albin are in eye-poppin’ “living color”!

Hour 2 – 12/21/17: Dimitri Bontinck

In his gripping book, “Rescued from ISIS,” Belgian author Dimitri Bontinck spends a wild hour with Eric explaining how he saved his son from the clutches of terrorists.

Hour 1 – 12/21/17: Hugh Ross

Eric continues his out-of-this-world conversation with scientist Hugh Ross as they explore how science and Christian beliefs align.

Hour 1 – 12/20/17: Angela Zatopek

Is there an airline (or two) out there with a porn problem? Actress Angela Zatopek talks with Eric about a recent encounter that may cause flyers some concern.

H2 – 12/19/17: Dr. Hugh Ross

Dr. Hugh Ross is back in time for the holidays to talk about the heavens and to share the scientific reasons to believe in the God of Christmas.

H1 – 12/19/17: John Zmirak

Nothing says Jingle Bells like beagles (and, maybe, reindeers), and Mr. Beagles himself, John Zmirak, uses some of his pet-time to discuss his latest Stream.org articles with Eric.

H2 – 12/18/17: Ken Fish

Ken Fish returns to the studio for another Miracle Mondays hour that will both fascinate you and lift your spirits to hear of God’s healing power working throughout the world today.

H1 – 12/18/17: John Henry Crosby

Cultural entrepreneur John Henry Crosby of the Hildebrand Project talks about a most interesting man who’s behind the new-released book, “The Art of Living.”

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