Hour 2 – 12/29/17: Robert Whaples

Robert Whaples talks about “Pope Francis and the Caring Society,” providing many thought-provoking insights from the new book by the same name. (Encore presentation)

Hour 1 – 12/29/17: Fun Facts Friday

Watch and SEE the Fun Facts Friday Christmas Edition! Cameras are in the studio and Eric and Albin are in eye-poppin’ “living color”! (Encore presentation)

Hour 2 – 12/28/17: Dr. David Black

Dr. David Black explains how you can assure that your vote counts twice with crucial information from his organization, 2nd Vote. (Encore presentation)

Hour 1 – 12/28/17: Dwight Longenecker

The festive mood around the studio continues when Dwight Longenecker joins the show to talk about his new book, “Mystery of the Magi: The Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men.” (Encore presentation)

Hour 2 – 12/27/17: Michael Heiser

In his book “The Unseen Realm,” Michael Heiser recovers the supernatural worldview of the Bible and explains its implications for today. (Encore presentation)

Hour 1 – 12/27/17: Howard Edington

Who is the “Forgotten Man of Christmas”? Pastor and author Howard Edington has an illuminating conversation with Eric about this key figure of the Holy Season. (Encore presentation)

Hour 2 – 12/26/17: Douglas Groothuis

Philosopher Douglas Groothuis shares thoughts from “Walking Through Twilight,” his very personal account of loving and caring for his wife as she struggles with dementia. (Encore presentation)

Hour 1 – 12/26/17: Col. Douglas Mastriano

Every American should know the true story of Sergeant Alvin York, and Colonel Douglas Mastriano is in the studio to enlighten us with a new biography of “the hero of Argonne.” (Encore presentation)

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