Hour 2 – 11/30/17: Stephen Baldwin

The always-unpredictable Stephen Baldwin drops into the studio to discuss his new “Great American Pilgrimage” television program that aims at bringing the country together in a fun, interactive way.

Hour 1 – 11/30/17: D.C. McAllister

Senior contributor at The Federalist, D.C. McAllister, breaks down her latest targeted articles about sexual harassment charges and how those accusations should influence voters who are Christian.

Hour 2 – 11/29/17: Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis, a criminal attorney who specializes in constitutional law, drops by the studio to dissect the legal aspects of recent allegations and innuendos.

Hour 1 – 11/29/17: Eric Metaxas

Time once again for “all those with ears to hear” to talk with Eric LIVE and get his thoughts on all the wild and off-the-charts news of the day.

Hour 2 – 11/28/17: Mary Neal

Dr. Mary Neal continues her miracle story about drowning, visiting heaven and returning to life to fulfill an urgent mission, all revealed in “7 Lessons from Heaven.”

Hour 2 – 11/27/17: Mary Neal

Dr. Mary Neal is in the studio for Miracle Mondays to discuss her drowning death, her visit to heaven, and her astounding witness outlined in her new book, “7 Lessons from Heaven.”

Hour 1 – 11/27/17: Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe faces his next “dirty job”… talking with Eric about his life, how he got into television and how dirty jobs really were the key to his success.

Hour 2 – 11/24/17: Fun Facts Friday

In this Fun Facts Friday encore from Thanksgiving 2016, Eric and Albin explore the history of a number of songs we associate with Christmas that were, surprisingly, written for Thanksgiving.

Hour 1 – 11/24/17: Victoria Jackson

In this encore presentation, Victoria Jackson shares “marriage counseling” with Eric and sings the lyrics to the song that goes along with her devotional, “Lavender Hair.”

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