Hour 2 – 10/31/17: Greg Thornbury

Eric’s interview about “Martin Luther” continues from his book launch event on October 3rd at Socrates in the City.

Hour 1 – 10/31/17: Greg Thornbury

Eric is interviewed about “Martin Luther” by Dr. Greg Thornbury, president of The King’s College, on October 3rd at Socrates in the City.

Hour 2 – 10/30/17: Dennis Rainey

When it comes to “Choosing a Life That Matters,” Dennis Rainey of FamilyLife Today wrote the book – and he discusses “seven decisions you’ll never regret” with Eric.

Hour 1 – 10/30/17: Peter Kreeft

What can Catholics and Protestants learn from each other? Dr. Peter Kreeft of The King’s College has a new book that outlines a whole host of ideas.

Hour 2 – 10/27/17: Fun Facts Friday

In this encore presentation of Fun Facts Friday from last Halloween, Eric and Albin scare up true and untrue facts that include Washington Irving’s headless horseman legend.

Hour 2 – 10/26/17: Charlie Daniels

Part 2 of the encore presentation with Charlie Daniels, who talks about his fascinating life and the friends who populate his recent memoirs, “Never Look at the Empty Seats.”

Hour 1 – 10/26/17: Karen Swallow Prior

Tune in for a fascinating discussion about classic literature… Eric and Liberty University’s Karen Swallow Prior share ideas that are sure to make your “little grey cells” feel all warm and toasty.

Hour 2 – 10/25/17: Charlie Daniels

In this encore presentation, Charlie Daniels shares faith, music and revealing stories from his just-released memoirs, “Never Look at the Empty Seats.”

Hour 1 – 10/25/17: Larry Taunton & Keith Getty

First, Larry Taunton discloses his whereabouts during an “Around the World” update; then, recently honored by Queen Elizabeth, music-maker Keith Getty talks about “Sing!”

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