Hour 2 – 08/31/17: Andrew Walker

Can someone be transgender and Christian? Andrew T. Walker, author of “God and the Transgender Debate,” discusses this question with Eric.

Hour 1 – 08/31/17: John Zmirak

John Zmirak covers a lot of ground with Eric, sharing recent articles from TheStream.org. Find out everything you need to know about being a “victimist”!

Hour 2 – 08/30/17: Listener Calls

It’s a bonus hour of listener calls… there’s more fun, more prizes, more people seeking wisdom and/or gentle snark from your humble host.

Hour 1 – 08/30/17: Listener Calls

Fans (and other interested parties) call in to the LIVE show to share their thoughts and questions with Eric – and he’s ready with his inimitable (and sometimes cheeky) responses.

Hour 1 – 08/29/17: Dick Morris & Kevin McCullough

It’s “Tuesdays with Morris” and Dick weighs in on current events with insights from his new book, “Rogue Spooks”… followed by Salem Radio’s own Kevin McCullough sharing thoughts on Houston.

Hour 2 – 08/28/17: Dr. Brett Dietze

Neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Dietze shares a mind-blowing account of a miraculous recovery – and CAT scans, as well as the patient’s wife, document the incredible story.

Hour 1 – 08/28/17: Dr. Sebastian Gorka

You won’t want to miss Dr. Sebastian Gorka in a revealing interview about leaving the White House… Eric finds out firsthand what’s up and what’s next.

Hour 2 – 08/25/17: Faith Blatchford

Don’t be afraid of the dark – or your dreams! Faith Blatchford explains with her new book, “Winning the Battle for the Night: God’s Plan for Sleep, Dreams and Revelation.”

Hour 1 – 08/25/17: Larry Taunton

Author and adventurer Larry Taunton previews his travels a la Jules Verne when he goes Around the World in 80 days!

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